After Telling her mother she was going to study at the library, see what she was caught doing in the bush
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After Telling her mother she was going to study at the library, see what she was caught doing in the bush

After Telling her #mother she was going to #study at the #library, see what she was caught doing in the #bush

A junior high school girl who was preparing for her BECE always leaves house every evening to study at the community library.


Her mother was very worried about her daughter leaving every night but she couldn’t stop her because they had no lights at their apartment she can use to study.


They lived in an isolated village at country side so the only source of electricity there was solar system, but it was too expensive for them to acquire it. There was only one solar system installed in their community by the government and this was the one at the library.


Since this girl’s external exams were approaching, she will always spend the whole night away from home in the name of studies. Her mom tried convincing her to do all her studies in the day time anytime she closes from school but this girl said those hours won’t be enough.


So she kept doing her thing when one day her mother decided to follow up and see if her daughter was really studying as she said. She went to the community library around 10:00 pm in the night but she was not there. When she asked those who were there, they told her she had never come to study here.


Her mother explained she had always been coming here since the last two months. Every student there was simply stunned about what she said. One of her school teachers there even said she tried convincing her to join her colleagues at the library to study at night but she told him her parents won’t agree.


The mother almost broke down in tears. She was very disappointed in her daughter and scared at the same time. The mother went back home and didn’t tell anybody where she went to. Her daughter came and she pretended everything was alright. Then the next evening she followed her while she was again going to her ‘library’.


The mother kept her distance and the girl went right into some tick bush. She followed and where her daughter has always been going broke her heart. The mother saw her join a group of other young girls. Immediately she got to them, she threw her books carelessly on the ground and one of the girls gave her dress to change into. They complained why she was even late.


After she finished dressing, a well grown woman who seemed to be their leader assigned a number of them to each street in their town. They were practicing prostitution.


As soon as their leader finished assigning them, the girl’s mother appeared from behind the bushes. All the young girls were stunned and afraid she saw them doing what they were doing. But the grown woman tried to even rain insults on her. The mother went and pulled her daughter’s ear while she cries herself. She couldn’t do anything at that moment to save the situation than to report to the police.


The police traced and arrested the leader who was now trying to escape police arrest. The girls too were taken to the police station, but since they were teenagers, they called each of their parents the next morning to come for them.


This woman also went for her daughter with her head buried down in shame and embarrassment. This was how her daughter was going to repay her after all those years of naturing and training her.

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