LORI IRO 2: Man advises ladies ahead of Valentine
PublishedBy: TESTIMONYin E! Gist 2 months ago


The little-known preacher, who appears to be operating along Sango axis of Ogun state, Nigeria has resumed his sensitisation campaign that is geared towards warning the public against falling prey to deceptive romantic relationship.



He had earlier In a short footage, listed common deceptive words and phrases used by parties involved in a relationship.

“You’re honey, lori iro, my biscuit, lori iro, my chocolate, lori iro, my tomato, lori iro, my onion, lori iro, my puff puff, lori iro, my sugarcane, lori iro… they’re lies. Lie lie lovers are not now rampant. Too much lies,” he could be heard saying in a mixture of English and Yoruba.

‘Lori iro’ is a Yoruba phrase which means “on top lies” in English.


Apparently happy with the viral reception that the footage enjoyed, the evangelist was again spotted in the streets to pick up from where he left off.




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