Mistress Places Hot Knife on House Maid Vagina- See Photos
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Mistress Places Hot Knife on House Maid Vagina- See Photos



Everyday we keep hearing and experiencing actions that are supposed to be unheard of. Since we are humans who are not living in isolation, but people who are living in a community, there is bound to be morality and immorality. These days, we seem to be experiencing more immorality or bad actions which end up causing pain to both the victims and the hearers. We move from one bad action to another without thinking or reflecting on the consequences or even considering the victims.

It is sad to say that humans do not show much love for another, regardless of tribe, race, color, language, and so on; this is mostly experienced by house maids. Recently, a case of child torture and sexual abuse committed by Mrs. Yemi Awolola was reported and being handled by a magistrate court in Kaduna. Her arrest was as a result of a report by her 14-year-old maid, identified as Princess Michael, of how she has been maltreated by Awolola and her children during her stay with them.

From investigation, it was gathered that the teenager was forced to live with the Awololas after her family was displaced by . She said that at the slightest provocation, Awolola would beat her and inflict injuries on her. The latest one was when Awolola, according to Princess, placed a hot knife in the fire and placed it on parts of her body, including her vagina. At other times, she said that Awolola burnt parts of her body with lighter. Hence, Mrs. Awolola was charged before the court with her daughter and house help, which was Presided by Magistrate, Bashir Shitu Yusuf, who had earlier denied the accused bail. But, the accused had pleaded guilty to the allegation levelled against her, hence, the court adjourned the case till August 27.

More so, the the wife of the Kaduna State governor, Hajiya Ummi el-Rufai, witnessed the proceeding in court and commended the decision of the magistrate’s court. She stated that the issue of child abuse would not be tolerated in Kaduna State. What do you think could be the fate of the accused come 27th of August?

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