Start CompilingYour Handover Notes, Ize-Iyamu Tells Obaseki
PublishedBy: TESTIMONYin News 8 months ago

The candidate of the All Progressives Congress (), Pastor , has advised Governor to stop campaigning, and instead focus on writing his handover notes, saying never again will Edo people elevate a man like with all his irremediable flaws to the exalted office of governor of Edo State.

In a statement by the Media Unit of Pastor Campaign Council yesterday, the candidate accused his major opponent of being bereft of any other fresh campaign lines, wondering why Governor has, through his “overwhelmed media aide’’, Mr. Crusoe Osagie, continued to sing the tired lines that his disagreement with Adams is because he refused to be a ‘’godson’’ to a godfather.

“Unfortunately, Governor never tells anyone when this realisation dawned on him. Is it when he went all out to support the election of Comrade Adams as Chairman of the in the hotly contested National Convention of June 2018 which saw the emergence of Comrade Adams as National Chairman. Or when refused to use the office to willy nilly impose on the in Edo State as the candidate of the party in the 2020 governorship election without a contest?’’.

Ize-Iyamu added that is frustrated that against better judgments and common sense, he had to jump ship to be with strange bedfellows in the Peoples Democratic Party () after he was exposed as unfit to secure the nomination ticket of the once again, following the monumental revelations of discrepancies in his academic records.

“Governor knows that the ticket of the which he so desperately desired would have guaranteed him an unearned return to Edo State Government House, Osadebey Drive come Nov. 12, 2020, but for his personal failures and his unforgivable hubris.

“For how can it be that a governor who claims to have served back in 1980 (40 years ago!) under the National Youth Service Scheme is only just now making futile effort to regularize his credentials, including his NYSC Certificate, after being exposed as unfit?

“Or how can one reconcile the strangeness in the fact that a governor cannot still tell us when he graduated from the school he claimed to have attended? One day, he says he graduated in 1976, another in 1979, and as at today, he totally fails to tell us which date’’, the statement added.

The statement also wondered how anybody can possibly not question the integrity of a governor who submits a degree certificate to INEC that’s undated and fundamentally different from the one he previously submitted in 2016 in violation of the electoral laws of the land.

The said all of these troubles are sufficient to weigh on the minds of Governor for him to resort to desperate language, knowing that the consequence of his irreconcilable records is a resounding defeat come September 19.

The added that already knows that his ‘’Obubuyaya’’ or the mirage which has defined his “MoU government’’ in the last four years, underscored by his failure to complete any major road project in the Benin metropolis and beyond, or deal with the perennial flood problem in the entire Benin City and environs

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