These Are What Will Happen If The International Fraudster Hushpuppi Extracted To Nigeria
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Recall when in conjunction with Interpol and FBI tracked and arrested acclaimed billionaire and Bureau de change operator, Ismaila Mustapha, who is known as over an alleged 33 billion naira money laundry charges on October 22, 2019.

He was later arraigned to court and remanded in prison until he was granted bail in December, 2019 and ever since then, nothing has been heard of the case. For all we know, is a free man.

Now, Nigeria is still buzzing over the confirmed arrest of popular Instagram big boy, who rode into limelight due to his lavish lifestyle and flamboyant display of wealth on Instagram. He was picked up in Dubai alongside his friends.

It was a combined effort of Interpol and United State’s security agencies namely, FBI and Secret Service who had been tracking over his involvement in a large scale fraud in America up to a tune of $100m in unemployment benefit packages meant for native Americans due to pandemic.

Interpol has opened up that Nigeria has requested for his extradition claiming he committed those frauds in Nigeria. We all know what will happen if he gets extradited to Nigeria.

There are;

1. Like his counterpart, he would be paraded all over social media. would pose for pictures, beat their chests and may even claim credit for his arrest.

2. All manners of press conferences will be organized. Interviews will be granted by which they would inundate us of how they’d placed in their radar for years.

3. Social media trial will commence. ’s personal life will be dug out and the jury will be set out on him. Accounts of his previous frauds will be plastered all over social media.

4. like will smile for the cameras and even pose knowing all these are just ceremonial trial to make look good.

5. Celebrities will be divided; those loyal to will write epistle how people who live in a glass house shouldn’t cast stone while those who are envy of would gloat how they’d warned several times.

6. Some Nigerian ladies will make videos of them crying and weeping loud, begging to release . Some will be staged in order to appeal emotionally to the public.

7. will be remanded in custody longer than required by law and he would file lawsuit against them for illegal detention. on their part will argue it is necessary for them to conclude their investigations properly.

8. Finally, he would be arraigned before a court of law. Of course social distancing rule will be blatantly ignored as both media houses and Nigerians will thronged to the court to catch a glimpse of the alleged fraudster.

9. ’s defense lawyers will file for bail but prosecution team would initially object. There would be series of adjournment to debate on the legality, feasibility and rationality of the bail. In the meantime, would up their media trial game, claiming victory.

10. Finally, like his counterpart and friend, Hushpuppi would be granted a bail up to a tune of 100 million naira. There will be wide jubilation knowing he is already a free man.

11. Few days later, he would be back on his Instagram handle where he would God that “God will never shame his children”. Nigerians will flock in the comment box to do eye service.

12. would organize press conference to boast that Hushpuppi isn’t free yet and would be arraigned and convicted. That time will tell. Nigerians will react and remind them of many similar cases that were swept under the carpet.

13. Hushpuppi will organize massive giveaways on his Instagram handle which majority of Nigerians will flood to partake including those that once called for his immediate sentencing.

14. would arrest low profile yahoo boys, secure their immediate sentencing and sing about that. Hushpuppi’s case will be long forgotten.

All he needs to do is pray and hope that his extradition to Nigeria will not be blocked by US.

Hushpuppi and EFCC

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