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“They want to kill her” – Friends beckon for help for teenager whose family allegedly strips naked and beats frequently
PublishedBy: TESTIMONYin Metro News 10 months ago

Some friends of a Nigerian teenager who resides in Ibadan have beckoned for help on behalf of the teenager while accusing the teenager’s family of subjecting her to humiliation and abuse.

According to one of the friends, the embattled lady, aged 18, “has been maltreated at home for a while.

The lady’s friend took to Twitter to allege that the young lady’s mother stripped her naked two weeks ago and beat her outside because she returned home late.

The friend revealed that members of the young lady’s family have been doing mean things to her, including her cousin, brother, uncle, and parents.

She recently ran away from home and went to stay with a friend and her family begged her to return home.

However, when she returned home, they allegedly hit her, took her phone from her, and locked her up in a room.

The friend went on to shared screenshots of messages the alleged victim sent to her complaining about the recent domestic abuse from her family.

She claimed her uncle returned home and hit her. He also allegedly hit her head on the wall several times and injured her. Her brother also allegedly threatened to deal with her when he comes home.

The friend shared photos of her friend’s injury and asked people to tag anyone who can help the abused woman.

Twitter users have begun tagging NGOs that handle domestic violence cases.

Read the tweets below,

Hi guys. So I have a friend that has been maltreated at home for a while. She’s 18 and two weeks ago her mom stripped her naked and beat her outside her house Cos she came home late. They’ve been saying and doing mean things to her so we asked her to leave the house
And stay with one of our other friends. Anyhow she’s been out of the house for two weeks. Mind you her parents hit her. Her cousin hits her and her brother too. So she’s been out for two weeks and they’ve been asking her to come back her uncle called threatening and she finally
Caved and she went home. All of us were monitoring her and checking on her. Only for her to call us crying that her uncle came home and he hit her. He hit her head on the wall and injured her severely. These are pictures below. After begging her to come home. She came home and
Now they want to kill her. Then her cousin hit her and took her phone from her and locked her in now he has sent the groupchat were in together a voice note threatening all of us. She’s in Ibadan and I need to know if there’s any way we can get her out there Cos she’s saying
She’s dizzy and weak and her brother is coming home tomorrow and has promised to deal with her severely. Please. Help retweet and tag anybody you think can help.
These are the messages they sent begging her to come home. Not knowing they planned to beat her and take away her phone and lock her at home

See photos and screenshots she shared below,

She also shared the text messages her friend’s family sent her after she ran away from home,

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