This Video A Beautiful Lady Posted Online Got Her Arrested [See Video]
PublishedBy: TESTIMONYin Metro News 8 months ago

Beware of what you post online: See the video this lady posted online that got her arrested.

Remember the lady that bought Chanel sandal online for 35,000, well she was arrested, guess what? She never bought that sandal online she just did that video just to gain followers and tarnish the images of the seller.

If permitted, we can say technology have done more harm than good to our society. Some people can go miles just to gain followers or popularity online. Funny enough they forget that not everyone will be good enough to ignore them after tarnishing their image.

Beware of what you post online just to gain followers, this lady came online few weeks ago to accuse an online business woman that deals with women clothing, such as bags, shoe etc. For selling a sandal worth 35,000 to her and that the sandals did not last up to 2 months. See screenshot of when she accused the woman.

Beware of what you post online mostly videos that you know is not true to avoid what happened to this lady. She got herself arrested see screenshot and video below.

See video

Serves her right, what will you gain by tarnishing someone’s image just because you want to gain popularity? Beware of what you post online learn from this lady, that got herself arrested.

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