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“Vanity Upon Vanity”‘ -See The Man Who Owns Over 3000 Cars Because Of This (Photos)
PublishedBy: TESTIMONYin News 1 week ago

Rich people can spend money on things that the average person will never consider, and they can do a lot of crazy things. They buy in bulk, in different shapes and sizes, the things that are too costly.


This man, also known as the Rainbow Sheik and whose real name is Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, is one of those billionaires who have spent their money foolishly. Hamad was born in 1963 (58 years ago) to the late Emir of Abu Dhabi, who was the Arab Emirate’s founder and first president (UAE).

He comes from a wealthy family, and he believes he has been wealthy his whole life, which is pretty stunning. He has one of the most valuable sets of beautiful cars in the world. Any of those cars, some of which he built and some of which he painted, are not for sale.


He has over 3000 cars to store at the Car Museum he built, which is shaped like a pyramid, because there is no space in his garage. He doesn’t only have standard-sized cars; he even has some truly massive vehicles, such as the world’s largest jeep. Is it common to have 3000 automobiles? Please share your thoughts with us and like the post.

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